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  • 01How does CreditConnect EV differentiate itself from other EV financing companies?
    CreditConnect EV's unique proposition lies in its ability to bring together traditional financial institutions and local mobility platform operators into a complementary ecosystem. This collaborative approach enables us to offer tailored financing solutions, reduce risks, and drive the transition to sustainable mobility.
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    What is the scalability of CreditConnect EV's technology?
    CreditConnect EV's technology is designed to be scalable globally. By combining our common banking technology platform with local operating partners and licensed financial institutions, we can easily expand our services to different markets and navigate regulatory requirements.
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    How does CreditConnect EV generate revenue?

    CreditConnect EV generates revenue through transaction fees on loans, maintenance fees for collateral monitoring, and by offering AI services to mobility platform operators. These revenue streams provide a sustainable business model and align with the growth of the EV financing market.

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    What is CreditConnect EV's competitive advantage?

    CreditConnect EV's competitive advantage lies in its comprehensive technology platform, strong intellectual property portfolio, and strategic partnerships. By combining these elements, we offer a unique value proposition and establish ourselves as a trusted partner in the EV financing ecosystem.

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    How experienced is CreditConnect EV's management team?

    CreditConnect EV's management team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in banking, auto finance, technology, AI, and operations. Their industry expertise, global perspective, and direct EV financing experience position us for success in the rapidly evolving EV market.