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CreditConnect that can quickly assess the borrower’s creditworthiness and
risk profile, helping financial institutions make informed lending decisions
with AI technology.
Company Mission

CreditConnect EV's mission is to revolutionize the EV financing industry by bridging the
gap between financial institutions and mobility platform operators. We aim to provide
innovative, technology-driven solutions that streamline EV financing processes,
mitigate risks, and promote sustainable mobility. Our goal is to accelerate the transition
to electric vehicles worldwide and contribute to a greener future.

Market Problem in EV Financing

The rapid growth of the EV market has created unique challenges in financing.
Traditional financial institutions often struggle to adapt their financing models to the
specific needs of EVs, including factors such as battery technology, charging
infrastructure, and residual value estimation. Mobility platform operators, on the other
hand, face difficulties in accessing efficient and tailored financing solutions to support
their transition to electric fleets. These market gaps hinder the widespread adoption of
EVs and call for a specialized solution like CreditConnect EV.

Mobility Platform Operator Challenges
  • Limited Financing Options: Mobility platform operators face difficulties in accessing
    financing solutions tailored to their unique operating dynamics and business models.
  • Lack of Understanding: Financial institutions often struggle to fully comprehend the
    intricacies of mobility platforms, including factors such as utilization patterns, fleet
    management, and revenue streams.
  • Depreciation Logic Complexity: The depreciation logic of EVs, considering battery life,
    mileage, and technological advancements, poses challenges for mobility platform
    operators when presenting their assets as collateral for financing.
Financial Institutions Challenges
  • Risk Assessment Complexity: Evaluating the risks associated with financing EVs
    requires a deep understanding of the unique factors involved, such as battery
    technology, charging infrastructure, and residual value estimation.
  • Limited Industry Expertise: Financial institutions may lack the necessary expertise and
    experience in the rapidly evolving EV market, leading to uncertainties in risk
    assessment and underwriting processes.
  • Lack of Standardization: The absence of standardized metrics and benchmarks
    for EV financing further complicates decision-making for financial institutions.
By addressing these challenges and providing a specialized financing solution, CreditConnect EV aims to bridge the gap between mobility platform operators and financial institutions.
Our technology-driven platform offers comprehensive risk assessment, tailored financing options, and a deep understanding of the dynamics of both the mobility platform and EV markets.
This enables us to provide efficient financing solutions that meet the needs of mobility platform operators and instill confidence in financial institutions.