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Revolutionize the EV financing

Revolutionize the EV financing industry by bridging the gap between
financial institutions and mobility platform operators.

AI for Better Finance

AIZEN Global accelerates the transition to electric vehicles worldwide
and contributes to a greener future.
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CreditConnect EV's mission is to revolutionize the EV financing industry by bridging the
gap between financial institutions and mobility platform operators. We aim to provide
innovative, technology-driven solutions that streamline EV financing processes, mitigate
risks, and promote sustainable mobility. Our goal is to accelerate the transition to elec-
tric vehicles worldwide and contribute to a greener future.
CreditConnect EV occupies a unique position in the EV financing industry, bridging the gap between financial institutions and mobility platform operators. This strategic position allows us to capture opportunities and address challenges specific to EV financing.
Technology-driven Solutions: Our proprietary technology leverages AI, big data analytics, and advanced risk assessment algorithms to optimize the EV financing process. This cutting-edge technology provides accurate risk assessment, collateral monitoring, and tailored financing options.
Strong Business Pipeline: CreditConnect EV has a robust pipeline of partnerships and business opportunities across the globe. This includes collaborations with government agencies, mobility platform operators, and logistics companies, showcasing the demand and potential for our services.
Scalable and Global Expansion: Our scalable business model, supported by a common banking technology platform, enables seamless global expansion. By partnering with local operating platforms and licensed financial institutions, we can navigate regulatory landscapes and expand our reach.
Unique Market Position
Technology-driven Solutions
Strong Business Pipeline
Scalable and Global Expansion

Management Team

CreditConnect EV is led by a seasoned management team
with expertise in banking, auto finance, technology, AI, and
operations. Their collective experience and knowledge
ensure effective leadership and successful execution of
our business strategies.
  • CEO, Founder
    KANG, Jung Seok
    • Strategy, risk management and marketing at Citigroup
    • National Assembly / LG CNS
    • Investor of Wipower (the company merged by Qualcomm)
    • M.B.A. at the Univ. of Chicago Booth School of Business
    • B.A. in Linquistics / M.A. in Economics at Seoul National University
  • Co-Founder
    CHA, Sang Kyun
    • SNU Distinguished Professor
    • Co-founding Chief Architect of SAP HANA In-Memory Platform
    • Founder of Transact In Memory, Inc. in Silicon Valley
    • Founding Dean of SNU Graduate School of Data Science
    • Founding Director of SNU Big Data Institute Ph.D. Electric Engineering at Standford Univ.
    • M.S., Control and Instrumentation Engineering at Seoul National Univ.
    • B.S., Electrical Engineering at Seoul National Univ.
  • Co-Founder
    RYU, Keun Kwan
    • The 18th Commissioner of Statistics Korea
    • Prof. of Economics at Seoul National Univ.
    • Ph.D. in Econometrics at the Standford Univ.
    • B.A. / M.A. in Economics at Seoul National Univ.

AIZEN Global, The Revolutionizing EV financing, accelerating
global electric vehicle transition, greener future.